Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What is unreported crime?

Yesterday Treasury Board Minister Stockwell Day made the claim that unreported crime has increased. At first I really didn't think much of what he was saying. In later reflection I thought what exactly is an unreported crime?

Is it....

- the dog owners who don't clean up after their dog defecates on my lawn?
- the people next door disturbing the peace at 5:00 am who make unhuman like sounds mixed with profanity while having sex?
- the old man who holds up traffic by driving his rascal down the middle of my street?

Or is it ...

- a government who breaks their own election law without a single member of that party filing a grievance or complaint?
- ministers who leave sensitive government documents lying around?

In any case I am somewhat confused by what Mr. Day was trying to establish with his statements. In the end I could not follow his logic as to how these unreported crimes demanded more prisons.

Leave your comments below of what you think an unreported crime may be...