Monday, October 23, 2006

desperation or political genius?

oh ... mr. powers?

Slow news day …. ?

in other news the CONS have called two by-elections for the 27th of November… one in london north centre and the other in repentigny.

after watching a ctv news interview with tim powers … i just about puked when he suggested that this election was called because the people of these ridings needed new representation as soon as possible. furthermore, powers indicated that the liberal leadership was not relevant in the decision to call these by-elections.

i guess maybe mr. powers thinks that canadians are stupid… and wont questions the ultimate wisdom of prime minister harper. however… let it begin here…

first, if mr. harper and the CONS felt that representation was needed immediately… why didn’t they call a by-elections in mid september? each of these seats has been vacant for almost two months.

second, for mr. powers to even consider that our internal party matters are not relevant to canadians is outrageous. may i remind mr. powers that the liberal party of canada has over 100 seats in the house of commons and is the official opposition. maybe if the communist party of canada was holding a leadership it wouldn’t be that big a deal. however, the liberal party of canada has the responsibility of selecting a leader to represent those who voted liberal. what is even more startling is how mr. powers speaks about the urgency for representation... and the CONS did not even considered canadians who want the liberal part to have a leader so that their democratic voice is projected on the floor of the commons.

mr. powers then went on to ramble about how the liberals shouldn’t be worried about his by-election because they won London centre north by 6000 votes in the last election… what does this mean mr. powers? that you are writing this riding off already….? once again if you think that the liberals are going to win it... why run someone? why didn’t the CONS call this by-election a month ago? maybe the CONS didn’t call it a month ago because they knew this was the only card in the deck that could create a political opportunity for their party to take the attention of our leadership… im sure there are some other media strategies involved … but hey you can use your imagination and guess what they are.

in the middle of mid terms and essay season... so excuse this quick rant... but it needed to be said.