Sunday, September 28, 2008

Andrew McKeever Video hits Youtube

I am still in shock that Mr. Layton has not turfed Mr. McKeever. If this were a student in school he or she would be disciplined if not charged. This does not set a good example for young people and those who are already cynical at the process. If anything looks as if Mr. Layton is keeping Mr. McKeever in the race to ensure the riding association gets a rebate to live another day. Shame!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where does Jack Layton draw the line: more offensive quotes from NDP candidate in Durham

DURHAM—NDP Leader Jack Layton must finally take action and declare Durham NDP candidate Andrew McKeever unfit for public office following the revelation of further disgraceful comments by his candidate.

“Additional Facebook posts originating from Mr. McKeever's personal Facebook page have surfaced. It is clear that these offensive and irresponsible remarks were intentionally designed to silence his critics and, most importantly, occurred on more than one occasion. Given what is now known, Mr. McKeever should resign - effective immediately,” said Bryan Ransom, Liberal candidate for Durham.

Here are additional offensive quotes to Ms. Krystalline Kraus on her war deserter Facebook site from Andrew McKeever:
“You are a fascist b*tch.”

“Why should a U.S. Soldier be kept in Canada in the first place? Are you looking for us to be occupied? Or is it simply that Krystalline Kraus needs to get laid?”

“Looks like the Nazis that run this f**king group have yet again deleted one of my posts.”

“Your hero was a f**king shyster liar. You are obviously little more than a credulous stooge and perma-naysayer, sh*t I can find dozens of people like you on any street corner…they are typically crackheads begging for money.”

“Glass is either a pretend deserter or a bona fide deserter. Geeze. This is rather interesting. Regardless he will shortly cease to be a problem in Canada (he never was a Canadian problem). Hopefully he’ll be butt-stroked or something when he hits American soil.”
These comments follow revelations that surfaced earlier this week where Mr. McKeever wrote Facebook posts using obscenities and threatening violence against a woman who had a different viewpoint than his own. 

So Mr. Layton, where do you draw the line on offensive conduct? Does Andrew McKeever reflect the values and positions of the NDP?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


For Immediate Release
September 25, 2008

Layton must fire candidate in Durham

DURHAM - NDP Leader Jack Layton must fire his candidate in the riding of Durham over inappropriate comments he made on the internet this summer on the subject of United States war deserters.

"Mr. Layton must fire his candidate in Durham, Andrew McKeever, who threatened people who didn't agree with him with physical violence in a web posting," said Durham Liberal Candidate Bryan Ransom.

The following quotes from Mr. McKeever's Facebook posts are intolerant and demonstrate lack of fitness for public office:

"Answer a direct f**king question you c**t. I can guarantee, if I ever see you face to face I will make you squeal for the same authority you have such a baseless disdain for" [to a woman poster on the Facebook group]  

" by one the TraitorCriminalDeserters [US war deserters] will be sent back down south to face the music"

"Boyd [a poster to his Facebook group] if I ever see you anywhere in Toronto I will kick the sh*t out of you"

"There is no room for this kind of vicious, threatening attack in Canadian politics.  These comments are beyond the pale and Jack Layton must denounce them and fire his candidate immediately," said Dan McTeague, Liberal Candidate for Pickering-Scarborough-East.

The complete exchange may be found at: