Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Apparently Canada is only "A great country…"

I can only imagine the response Mr. Harper’s wife gets when she says “I love you” … it probably goes something like this “Ummm… ya… your great too!”

When a Canadian (or anyone else for that matter) is faced with the question “Do you love Canada?” is there really any reason to say anything other then “I LOVE CANADA” or “YES”?

… according to Mr. Harper there is.

When faced with the question "Do you love Canada" Harper responded with “Canada is a great country...”

Here is a question for the average voter… if Mr. Harper can’t answer the easy questions… how can he become Prime Minister and deal with the hard questions and issues?

Anyways… that’s my ‘Harper Gaff of the Week' tune in next week for a new one.


stop harper

Well i guess its time to jump on the blogger bandwagon....

As you may have or have not guessed this blog’s focus is to ensure that Stephen Harper never becomes anything more then an opposition leader in the house of commons….

so… stay tuned…