Wednesday, March 22, 2006

fresh take on macisaac

for those of you who have read my previous post you will know that i am not a fan of ashley macisaac running for the leadership of canada’s greatest political party. but i don’t say this for some of the reasons other bloggers have brought to table i.e. his sexuality, activities in the bedroom or his career choice.

my primary concern with this fellow is that he has nothing to add to the debate. he sat on canada am and said nothing that even hinted at a vision for this country. instead he talked about a book that hasn’t even been published and his album being released in the U.S. if macisaac had sat on canada am and actually laid out some broad themes that canadians could relate to i wouldn’t have such a problem with the guy.... and considering the guy is from cape breton I thought he might have a little to say about the problems that plague that region of nova scotia, but not a peep on CB issues.

the most vital problem with macisaac is that he can’t play politics like he can the fiddle. if he knew “a one” about politics he would have got himself some sort of PR person to get him started. ultimately what this comes down to is quality candidates having to deal with someone who will dumb down the debate. can you imagine iggy, brison, rae, dion, kennedy all debating and macisaac???? I can’t and it reminds me of sesame st. “one of these things doesn’t belong”!

so if macisaac wants to be a liberal player he better start talking and acting like one because he is embarrassing the party that we all work for and respect.


At 5:01 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Macisaac should run for leader, he couldn't be any worse than Martin or Chretien. Anyone notice Harper has done more in one hundred days than those tow crooks did in their entire mandate?


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