Saturday, March 11, 2006

r.i.p. canadian tire guy

today canadian tire announced they would be ending the never-ending series of “canadian tire guy commercials”. you know the ones with the know it all neighbour… who has an endless supply of useless crap for lazy people.

in spirit of this glorious occasion i have decided to write a short eulogy of sorts… in memory of the “canadian tire guy”

canadian tire guy,

for eight long years you have blessed us with your maddening solutions to all of life’s problems ... with gadgets I don’t think most canadian tires sell.

i know life was tough as the canadian tire guy! i can’t imagine having to grow the same beard for almost a decade strait … somehow you managed to keep it together without killing puppies or burning down canadian tires in the middle of the night.

i remember this one commercial with the christmas lights and i thought to myself all i want for christmas this year is not to have to watch another one of these idiotic commercials. neadless to say my wish did not come true… quite the opposite occured. more commercials appeared… and for a short while i questioned my status in god’s good books… but then i realized everyone else had to endure these thirty second spots. its funny though… only us good canadian inhibiters had to endure your commercials... which I think may be the cause of some sort of cancer that you only get in canada.

anyhow … to avoid droning on like your commercials... may you rest in peace and find a less bothersome spot on tv.


feel free to post your own thoughts and eulogies on ‘the canadian tire guy’!


At 10:45 a.m. , Blogger notforyou said...

Maclean's did a great article and diary of the Canadian Tire Guy a few months back. I laughed my ass off because of how much it made fun of him.

Now it appears that it may have been one of the sources for his destruction. Oh well, at least I can cry myself to sleep with my 3 in 1 Kleenex Box, Burger flipper and Windshield Wiper.


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