Monday, March 06, 2006


francis "homer simpson" mackenzie does it again...

News Release
March 1st, 2006

Francis MacKenzie Nova Scotia Liberal Leader

For Immediate Release


(Halifax, N.S.) Liberal Leader Francis MacKenzie offers his sincere apology to Premier Rodney MacDonald and the people of Nova Scotia for comments he made to the media after the swearing in of the New Provincial Conservative Cabinet last Friday.
“I am truly sorry for saying that I would not meet with Premier MacDonald, and that he could only contact me by mail. It was inappropriate,” said MacKenzie.
MacKenzie intended to say that he is only interested in meeting about important issues that result in positive change for Nova Scotians. “There is too much work to do be done to spend time chatting over coffee,” he added.
“There are many critical issues that Nova Scotians are facing that need immediate action for example, affordable housing and daycare spaces. I am willing to work with the government if they are serious about addressing topics of grave concern. I don’t want to meet for the sake of meeting.”
MacKenzie has sent a letter of apology to Premier MacDonald and an invitation for serious discussion at his earliest convenience.
For further information, contact Nancy Sheppard, Director of Communications, Cell: (902) 483-5826E-mail:


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