Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CONS: ignore laws and a canadian abroad

the house has only recessed for a few short days and the conservatives continue to display why they should not be in government.

early this morning ctv reported that foreign affairs minister peter mackay and parliamentary secretary jason kenny had done next to nothing to help a canadian who has been extradited from uzbekistan to china, for organizing a pro democratic party in the communist state. as a result huseyincan celil, of burlington, ontario is now facing the death penalty.

you would think that the harper government would do everything in its power to help a democratic crusader abroad. i guess when you leave things to potato pete you can’t expect much.

and then….

this evening ctv reported that the cons failed to understand the election act… looks like this one is developing… but it would appear that they have taken $2 million in donations illegally.


At 7:17 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What did the libs do when the Iranians raped and beat to death a Canadian in their prisons? Nothing.
How did bill Sampson mke out in Saudi arabia? If it hadn't been for the Brits, he'd have been hooped.
Why does Taliban Jack want us pull out of Afganistan so the Taliban can go back to muredering women and gays?
Harper has shown more balls on the international stage than the libs ever thought of.


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