Sunday, June 14, 2009

why canada needs an election

It is beyond me why anyone pays attention to any of these polls about Canadians who want or don't want an election. Frankly they mean nothing. If memory serves me right we have had countless elections that have been ill timed. The most recent being the 2008 Federal Election... when you know... Harper broke his own election law and sent Canadians to the election box even though the polls indicated people did not want an election.

For those pundits who think Canadians will backlash and vote the party down who ends this Government are just plan oblivious to how Canadians think. After about a week of campaigning people will forget about how much they felt an election was not needed.

Before I go on let me revert back to Harper's little election stunt from a few months ago... was that not pure opportunism as well. Those viewing Ignatieff's motives as such should think twice and consider the Machiavellian tactics of Harper and Co.

Maybe I'm not supposed to understand why when Harper does something its not opportunism, but when Ignatieff does it ... well... he must want power? Heck I hate to be a realist and burst all these idealists in the media bubbles, but the end game of politics is pretty much that. Do people honestly think that if Layton had the chance to push his party into government he would just sit back and enjoy the comfort of the worst seats in the House of Commons?

As far as the argument goes that an election would halt or delay spending is pure hiss-posh. Is the House not adjourning for the summer next week anyways? Would this money move any faster then it already is with Flaherty at the helm? And... from what I have observed most of the economic measures from the most recent budget have been passed.

This government has had plenty of time to get money moving. Maybe they should not have tried to introduce pointless spending measures in the economic update after the Thrown Speech. Maybe if the House of Commons had not been prorogued things may have happened a little faster. Oh yeah ... and on that point anyone who says that Harper wasn't being opportunistic when he asked for a parouged parliament due to his economic measures that would have crippled democracy need to pull the remaining winter frost out of their eyes.

So what if the house falls ... MP's spend their summer months campaigning instead of working the BBQ circuit. If this government is so concerned with infrastructure spending, why are projects that were allotted funds in past budgets still not receiving funds?

Seems to me that with the recent level of displayed incompetence by this Government on so many issues that it is time for them to go.


At 6:06 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes we had an election in 2008 where people said they didn't one. Well what happened? We had a very low turn out at the ballot box. Remember it? Everyone were complaining about the low turnout. They were trying to find out ways how to get people to come out and vote. There is a very big difference in this country in voting in the middle of October than voting at the end of July. For one thing it's the weather.

Do you think besides political junkies that people are going to be watching the 6 o'clock news when they return home from work instead of barbecuing?

On the weekends,do you think that people are going to be staying home to see what some politicians are saying to get you to vote for them instead of going to parks,in the country or barbecuing?

For those who have summer holidays,do you think they are going to be staying home instead of going to cottage country etc.etc...?

If we thought that we had a low turnout in the last election, well we could very well be heading for a record low turnout in the middle of the summer if there should be an election. Mark my words!

At 7:53 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever want an election? Apparently not.

But lets be realistic, how busy are Canadians really going to be to not vote? The average Canadian doesn't have a cottage in Muskoka, can afford to go away for the summer, and aren't too preoccupied with flipping burgers at a BBQ to vote. Even if they are, that's what advanced polling in mail in ballots are for...right?

What's more if we really are in the middle of an economic crisis, I'm sure most Canadians can't afford to go away or do anything substantial this summer to avoid the election anyways.

I say take them down. Even with a voter turnout of 30%, lets take that 30% and get a majority :)

At 8:11 p.m. , Anonymous Cari said...

Michael can say what is wrong with the government's outlook, say he won't support it,....and although he does not want a summer is not up to him, it is up to the two other parties.


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