Thursday, September 27, 2007

broken promise in perspective

i know it has been a while since i last post... i mean like a long while, but i figured i would get back into the swing of things and start to post again about the ongoing provincial election in ontario.

at the beginning of the summer i was attending a liberal function in the 905 and the guest mpp started to talk about broken promises and how he puts the health tax into perspective for people. for the longest time i had only heard crap come out of our caucus regarding the tax. this time however, it made sense and i think most people listening were able to relate. the story went a little something like this.

imagine that you had promised your family the previous spring break that next year you would be going to flordia for the holidays. all was going well for you that year. you had a bonus a raise and some money saved in the bank. then imagine that a week after christmas you were let go from work because the executives had lied to the shareholders about how well the company was doing, when in fact the company actually had no money and was so in debt it counldn't even afford to pay a severance or benefits package.

so upon learning the news you have to go back to your family and tell them the bad news. not only had you lost your job because the people that ran your company were a bunch of lie-ers, but that you would not be able to afford the vacation because you didn't know how long you would be strapped for cash.

anyways... thought it was a neat perspective on the whole situation...

more to come on the election if anyone still reads this blog.


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