Monday, April 09, 2007

fortier’s new offices – questions to be answered

came across a link to minister michael fortier’s new webpage today from john lennard’s blog.

to say the least it is a cunning political manoeuvre to try and make fortier look like an “elected representative” for the riding of vaudreuil-soulanges.

now some bloggers have suggested that this site may be paid for by tax payer dollars, but it would seem to me that if it was… you would find a similar link system found at the bottom of a government website… such as this.

and not this...

frankly, what concerns me is this website portrays fortier’s offices in vaudreuil-soulanges as if they are constituency offices.

so here are some questions that i feel need some serious consideration:

1) are the staff in these offices instructed to aid in matters such as canada pension plan, employment insurance, tax issues, passports and student loans?

2) if so, are the employees working in the offices breaching privacy regulations by collecting this personal information as if they are employees of the house of commons?

3) if these employees do take this information will house of commons staff members of other conservative mp’s be dealing with these constituency files? or. will these constituency matters be dealt with by senate staff and/or minister staff in PWGS.

4) does the very opening of these offices undermine the wish of the people of vaudreuil-soulanges to have a BQ representative dealin with these matters for them.

5) will these offices be changed to campaign offices in the wake of an election?

6) following an election what would happen to any case work that is done by these employees?

7) how are these offices being funded? if they being funded by the conservative party of canada do the people of vaudreuil-soulanges not have the right to know this?

8) how are these offices being supplied?

9) through technicalities are these offices able to be supplied with recourses from the regional minister’s office, the minister’s office of PWGS and the senate?

just a few thoughts …

update: just doing some more surfing and found this little blurb on the site. i am in disbelief that this site is being portrayed as a house of commons constituency site and office.


At 1:35 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I agree with your views, the graphics are the ones paid for by taxpayers (as it's a copy of the PMs official one).


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