Tuesday, February 27, 2007

good on garth

every once in a while i frequent garth turner's blog. most of the time i find a few amusing and interesting facts that he posts. however, today it wasn't his musings that caught my attention it was his mp tv segment from monday's question period (find video below). mr. turner makes a valid point in the employment questions he is asking and the government had no real answer. although the conservatives are boasting huge employment rates - do these rates take into consideration if these new employment opportunities are steady, high paying, high tech jobs, jobs that have benefits? will these jobs be able to support the families of those who are loosing well waged and what was steady work?

the government should be deeply concerned about preventing mass lay offs... as we will see in smith falls in the near future, 300 plus lay offs will inadvertently effect a community that relies on these workers to stimulate their business.

it is shameful that the government can't give a real answer to an issue such as employment. i hope mr. turner and other liberals in the caucus continue to pressure mr. dion to take back the economic and employment issue as a liberal issue. with a nearing election we need to be more then just the party that is pushing for green change. when the conservatives out poll us on economic issues we are in trouble.

lets get our heads back in the game and talk about all of mr. dion's pillars in a way that canadians can understand. in other words lets talk about a strong and innovative economy... environmental change... and social responsibility that can grow canada to face the challenges of the 21st century.

these are the liberal values that have changed canada for the better time and time again and it will take the liberal team as a whole to put this message out there together for a better canada.


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