Thursday, February 22, 2007

whatever it takes

after today’s events during question period I am more convinced then ever that it is time for mr. harper to go.

over the past year mr. harper has implemented a variety of policies which I have found to under mind the basic principles that we as canadians find common ground on.

he has repeatedly used divisive tactics within the house, in order to dismantle key programs that protect and promote equality, encourage innovation and increase prosperity in our country.

as an election looms and harper needs an extra boost to find majority territory in the polls… he is doing it at all costs. today he used the air india inquiry as a means of scoring political points in the house of commons. his desperation for a majority and absolute power to complete his neo-con agenda are being sought after by using the lives lost in the air india bombing and the victims families of this tragic event.

i am ashamed to be a canadian today. on most occasions I fully respect the office of the prime minister regardless of his partisan relations. however, when a prime minister decides to used an act of terrorism to divide Canadians and score political points i loose that respect.

in addition to the above political tactics, the cons and harper tried to insinuate in question period that some how the liberal party of Canada decides policy options on the bases of protecting family members of liberal MP’s. when mr. harper was questioned on this subject he simply responded that he was just reading what the vancouver sun had published. furthermore, he suggested that if the liberals had a problem with the article they should not take issue with his actions, but sue the vancouver sun.

sorry mr. harper, but when you are the prime minister of canada you should be able to do a litter better then using one news paper source as your basis for launching a partisan allegation.

once again I find it simply amusing that the canadian alliance, -> now the conservative party of canada have no shame when it comes to smearing MP’s of different political parties. if mr. harper feels so passionately about the current debate on anti terrorism legislation… he should be explaining the legislation as he sees it with canadians and not trying to discredit hard working legislators to win a house vote.


At 7:12 a.m. , Blogger Tony said...

Wow, that is a harsh assessment. But to be fair, both sides in parliament have been guilty of partisan attacks, so it’s not like you could honestly say that the Liberals have “NEVER” smeared anyone, but the Conservatives have. It is not the first and definitely not the last partisan attack to take place in parliament. Despite this, I do believe that the Prime Minister made a misstep and should apologize

At 10:48 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

They ramble on about Harper's leadership ability - along with the leadership ability when it comes to his country and the people of Canada - dignity and maturity are required.

Leadership ability is not always good - you could have the ability and lead a gang, lead the Mafia, lead a terrorist group.

Leadership ability is not enough.


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