Friday, December 09, 2005

harper doesn’t get post secondary education

before i indulge all of you with why I think the CON plan for post secondary education is crap, i would just like to say that is on a serious anti-liberal party spree with article posts. now I know im being a tad hypocritical having an anti-harper website but… what’s the deal?

now to rip into harper’s announcement on education today. a $500 tax rebate on text books… WHOA!!! OMG!!! if harper gets elected i’ll be able to relax and not worry about the other $25,000 debt that I have as a student because… im getting a possible $500 my last year of school… maybe that will pay a few months interest… hmmm?

secondly, harper said he would make student loans more available to middle class families… now im no economist, like mr. harper, but wouldn’t it make more sense to commit more money to bring down tuition fees? if the average student endures $35,000 debt after school and will be part of the primary tax base for this country how do you expect new students in the work force to spend money to stimulate the economy, or for that matter get married, buy a car and house and have kids? having available monies is essential to a prosperous economy. if the majority of the tax base is paying off huge debts there is no possible way they can do the above said, and if this spending declines the whole economy goes to shit. for a free market economist i was expecting something a little more creative like... outright privatization of universities and colleges… not that i agree with that… i’d rather you continue your focus on how to privatize sidewalks for the time being… anyways…

all this being said i have to give the CONS credit for stealing a young liberal policy on the education transfer


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