Monday, December 05, 2005

coming to a comercial spot near you...

Well, well, well… the CPC election commercials are out and ready to hit the airwaves.

there are three ads thus far and in my political opinion they are pretty bad… im not quite sure what harper was thinking when they shot these spots… probably nothing…

compared to the last election these CPC ads are pretty low rent. for example the set of these ads looks like they were shot in the back of a factory… im not sure why the tories keep shooting commercials where there is dumb crap going on in the background (like their pre election ads)…. but they do. comercial set aside, the theme of these commercials is harper answering some women’s questions (paid actor) as if he was on a news show. then there is a random question from a supposed citizen (cough .. cough… another actor). to end these spots the low rent theme continues with one of those marquee signs on wheels that you see at flea markets with the slogan “Sand Up for Canada” …. ?

Anyhow… now to point out why these commercials are just outright bad.

1) has anyone noticed that all these commercials only have one visible minority in them… (you figure it out)

2) Stand Up for Canada? WTF does that mean…

3) i swear in the accountability ad the interviewer is laughing … i don’t know why? but i think she is laughing at mr. harper … that would be my guess

4) the ending of each of these spots is just zany.. i hope someone who is good at anagrams finds that sign and changes their slogan to something clever… im sure someone can figure something out… (insert clever slogan here)

5) is it me or does mr. harper remind you of a used car salesman in these ads… I kinda get that vibe from him

6) i gotta ask this… whats up the coffee mugs… ?

7) in the crime spot I think the old lady is whacked on perkedens or something…

8) the message in these commercials is just tory rhetoric

feel free to ad to the list I need some sleep.


p.s. by the way the CPC didnt bother to make french ads... ?


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